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EDMT® Server Overview

EDMT® Server:
Cross-data discovery and analysis for all your stored data

Improve Information Visibility and Access

EDMT® Server automates the integration, classification and management of unstructured data such as emails, documents, media files, and web content with related structured data stored in transactional databases and/or data warehouses all within a standard SQL datastore. Using parallelized data ingest technology, EDMT® Server enables the integration of unstructured data at speeds exceeding 1 terabyte (TB) per hour. As the content is ingested, EDMT® Server automatically classifies, tags, structures and stores it within a standard SQL database. Then, within seconds (typically less than two seconds), EDMT® Server finds and creates logical links between the content data and all its associated structured data stored in existing transactional systems and/or in data warehouses. Once integrated and linked, this unified data can be searched, accessed and analyzed using standard query and eDiscovery tools. With EDMT® Server, getting real-time visibility and access to all your enterprise data is fast and easy.

Meet Records Classification and Retention Policy Mandates Confidently

EDMT® Server goes beyond simply integrating and storing your emails, documents, multi-media and transactions. Built within its management infrastructure, EDMT® Server offers a comprehensive and fully configurable policy engine for automating the classification and retention of all your unstructured content. With EDMT® Server, you eliminate the burdensome and unreliable manual processes typically involved in managing email and document retention. Plus, EDMT® Server gives you a complete audit trail of your records so you can confidently respond to and meet government regulatory compliance mandates.

Put All Your Enterprise Data to Work

EDMT® Server helps you unlock the 80% of your enterprise data that is currently stored in siloed content data tombs, making this data immediately available for use. No matter where your corporate data is currently stored, EDMT® Server can access it using one of several pre-built APIs or via custom developed links to specialized data types and integrate this data within a standard SQL database. EDMT® Server is fully compatible with any industry standard query or eDiscovery tool, therefore eliminating any specialized user training to search, interrogate, access or analyze the unified information stored within the EDMT® Server Real-time Analytic Archive.

Scale Without Breaking the Bank

EDMT® Server was certified as part of an independently audited benchmark as the World's Largest Data Warehouse handling over 1 petabyte (1PB) of data. Scaling to meet any practical data volume is simply not an issue. Moreover, because EDMT® Server uses a patented data compression algorithm, storing your data in EDMT® Server costs about what it would cost to store the data on tape. EDMT® Server is equally cost-effective at lower data volumes. So, whatever your volume of data now and as it grows, EDMT® Server delivers unmatched scale in an active analytic archive at a fraction of the cost to store this data in traditional content tombs.

Save Money; Save the Planet

EDMT® Server delivers unprecedented performance, scale and unified information analysis utilizing 90% less hardware. As a result, you not only save on infrastructure costs, you reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% when using EDMT® Server as your analytic archive. Getting the whole picture has never been easier or better for the planet!

EDMT® Server Highlights

  • Designed to manage information of all types

  • Highest performance Real-time Analytic Archive commercially available

  • Very high speed data ingest (1 TB/hour) enabling real-time data capture, analysis and response

  • Automated mapping of structured data and unstructured content ("metadata on the fly")

  • Stores unified data in a single SQL database making unified search and analysis possible

  • Extreme data compression reduces cost by 90%

  • Energy efficient by design: Less resources = less energy = less CO2

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